Jamira Burley

Speaking, Training & Strategizing for a more inclusive and just world.

Why HIRE jamira?

Jamira works with a wide-range of entities around the world, to create space for comprehensive and authentic representations of diverse voices; to help improve the world around us. She does this by working directly with identified communities to advise, co-design campaigns and or develop solutions to help serve and activate communities to move from empathy to action. 

Jamira’s goal is to help non-profits and companies better serve communities, by ensuring they have a clear understanding of the needs and concerns of the communities that want to engage. With more than 10 years of experience, Jamira has helped to advise on corporate social responsibility campaigns, train diverse audiences in more than 18 countries -- on engaging a targeted population and help create internal frameworks and tools to manage engagement with impact communities.





Hire Jamira if you are:

  • Building a campaign, initiative or want to rethink how your company engages specific populations at the interaction of race, age and gender?
  • What to ensure your employees have the culture competence to represent and or work with millennials and generation z?
  •  Ready to increase brand recognition through social impact driven efforts and don’t know where to start?

Area of expertise: (Cultivate, Consultant and Curate)

  • Leadership Development / Programs: Storytelling, Facilitation, Managing Millennials and Advocacy
  • Community Engagement and Social Good
  • Marketing and Social Media: To impacted communities though a social justice lens.
  • Social Justice: Violence Prevention, Criminal Justice Reform and Police Accountability  
  • Global Goals: Education, Global Citizenship and Gender Equality, Work Force Development 


Past Clients: