Champion the inner strength of women: To create the world we need

A few weeks ago in Johannesburg, South Africa, Vital Voices -- in partnership with Ponds launched their VVLead Fellowship. With more than 50 females,  from over 25 countries, who are transforming communities, breaking down barriers and shifting cultures all over the world. The goal of the fellowship is to champion the "inner strength of women" everywhere, by investing in women leaders, to ensure they're more equipt to make a tangible impact. Over the course of 21-months, fellows will participate in a customized fellowship experience that includes:

  • Specialized online and in-person training(s) 
  • Powerful networking, peer mentoring and relationship building opportunities
  • Increased international visibility through Pond’s and the Vital Voices Global leaders network

In the end, their work will enable for life-long connections that will transcend culture and borders. ....


I along with 5 other women, was selected as global ambassadors. To both help elevate the work being done but also help provide peer to peer mentoring for the fellows. Other ambassadors include:

  • Saskia Nino de Rivera, founder & president of Reinserta Un Mexicano A.C, Mexico
  • Kiran Sethi, founder & educator, Riverside School, India, and Design for Change Global; 
  • Samar Minallah Khan , an anthropologist & documentary filmmaker from Pakistan;
  • Anne Githuku-Shongwe, founder of AFROES Transformational Games and Representative at UN WOMEN in South Africa;
  • Devi Asmarani, co-founder of Magdalene Magazine.

I look forward to working alongside the ambassadors and fellows to ensure that the world around us, starts to appreciate and celebrate the unique leadership qualities women have enlisted to create a world that is both welcoming and thriving ... for the betterment of everyone.